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I am currently holding a contest on my youtube channel in celebration of reaching 500 subscribers!! The number of subscribers I get/have does not matter to me; I just love making a positive impact on people's lives & love knowing that I've helped someone in some way. I also enjoy giving gifts away & feel like contests are a great way to get to know my subscribers better!

The theme of my contest is about your name. People's names hold so much meaning in their lives. It's what we identify ourselves with our whole existence. Finding the meaning of your name is my main 'rule' for this contest. I think finding out the meaning of your name is just so fun to learn about, talk about, & embrace. I posted the link to my video above where you can hear all about the theme, rules, prizes, etc. YOU MUST ENTER BY COMMENTING ON THE VIDEO, NOT THIS BLOG.

*WINNERS will be announced on 11/20/10 via a youtube video posted by me!

*MUST be a subscriber!
*MUST be 18 years of age and/or obtain parental consent!

*Find the meaning of your name, tell me what it is~you can tell me if you like it, dislike it, love it, hate it, etc. or simply just put your name & what it means. ALL UP TO YOU-HAVE FUN, BE CREATIVE if you want. WINNER will be chosen using random.org. LEAVE COMMENT BELOW; MAY ENTER MULTIPLE TIMES!

*Find the meaning of your name & create a look~hair, makeup, nails, clothes, drawing, a story, etc. You can be as crazy or plain as you want. BE CREATIVE, HAVE FUN! You can do tutorials, slideshows, commentary, use powerpoint, imovie, webcam, digital camera, etc. whatever you want! WINNER will be chosen by me! LEAVE VIDEO RESPONSE BELOW; MAY ENTER MULTIPLE TIMES!


 Your Little Bird ;), Jenna


Why not beat the 'winter weight' we all dread around the holiday season fast approaching & get ahead of ourselves by starting NOW! View my Gym Time video to get some inspiration!! 

Our biggest inspirations, however, are OURSELVES!  If you struggle to find the mental push yourself, find it elsewhere! Youtube, magazines, etc. have TONS of inspiration & visual push that will get our butts in gear (literally)! As people, we are very visual creatures-so visual stimulation is so strong in our minds & will give us that extra oomph we need to DO something instead of just TALKING about it. 

Gym memberships are getting cheaper & cheaper these days-especially if you do your homework! Ask friends, family, neighbors, whoever about their gym & see if any deals are going on at that time or if you can join together & get discounts!! There are ways to save money everywhere-we just have to ask! If money is still a problem, ask people to pitch in for your birthday or the holidays approaching & let them know you really wanna jump start your health this year! Forget a New Year's resolution-start a NOW resolution!! 

Sometimes having the right thing to wear (especially us women) is just the key to get us motivated! 
Wal-mart has tons of active wear for cheap! They also have sports bras in many styles & sizes (which are very important for working out)! Also, check ebay, craigslist, freecycle, etc. for less expensive options. 
This is my "GET UP & GO" face! hahaha
*REMEMBER* WE are the only ones holding ourselves back! Why struggle to lose all that extra baggage once you already have it when you can get ahead of yourself now, boost your metabolism-stamina-energy-etc., & get MOVING

Running sneakers & all, Jenna

Organization Time!

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Who says cleaning/organizing only really gets done in the Spring?! LIES! 
Watch my QUICK BATHROOM STORAGE/ORGANIZATION video for yourself to view some tips and tricks to fast & easy organization anywhere in your house & life!
I found these storage thingys in the laundry section at my local Wal-Mart from the brand Canopy but you can also find them online right here! along with other kinds of organizers & space savers!
I felt so relieved & relaxed after this quick little 3 minute project! Be sure to watch the whole video for the real "before & after" experience! 
Happy Organizing!!!

Restful minds & cleaning any season, <3 Jenna
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