Camo/Hunting Season Nails

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It's not too late!! Fall is still here for 20 more days & hunting season is at it's prime!

I know I have been lacking in the blog department for a couple months, but being sick & not able to film without hacking a lung the entire time has given me inspiration to get back at it!

Follow these simple steps to create unique Fall/Nature nails:

WATCH the live tutorial here: CLICK ME!

Step 1: Choose 4 colors (or more if you wish). Optional: Add a fun accent color!
My 1st color is a light mint green with an accent color of hunter's orange

Step 2: Use your second color to start making random shapes on your nails & filling them in. *Random* is the key word here. That's what camo is all about, blending in!
Second color is a dark forest green
Step 3: Repeat step 2 with the rest of your color choices, being sure to purposely overlap randomly with the other shapes you've applied.

Third color is a medium taupe brown

Step 4: If you chose an accent color, feel free to be creative here & apply it anywhere, on any nail.
Final Product! Fourth color is basic black, accent color on  ring finger & pinky tip

Step 5: Make sure you let all the layered colors dry completely & apply a clear top coat to seal in the look. Enjoy!

Are You a Warrior?!

I am! Watch HERE!

If you haven't heard of the Warrior Dash, it's an outside traveling obstacle course, self described as the 'craziest fricken' day of your life'! See more here:

I participated in this year's Warrior Dash New England, which consisted of 3.2 'hellish miles' through the muddy woods, tire swings, climbing obstacles, and sliding down a rocky hill! I am definitely going to partake in next year's dash but will be much more prepared.. For example, this year lots of people, including me, got crazy bad poison ivy/sumac. EVERYWHERE. So next year I plan on prepping ahead of time before that & wearing much more clothing! hahaha

Happy Traveling! Jenna

I Made YouTube PARTNER!!! Help?!

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Hi All!!

As most of you may know by now since you follow me on YouTube, I applied and got accepted into the YouTube partnership program and am beyond ecstatic about it!!! I started on YouTube a little over a year ago and it finally feels like all my hard work and dedication has paid off.

Thank you to all my loyal subscribers; you all mean so much to me and are the reason I do this. This is not 'just a hobby' for me.. I love hearing all the feedback from you guys and knowing that I've helped you in some way or made a difference in your life.

It still feels crazy that I inspire you, because you are the ones who inspire me! It takes lots of work to make a video (whether it seems it or not) haha, but I still love it every time.

So this is basically a thank you to all of you for continuing to be kind and supportive of me and this journey. I hope to keep doing this for a while and to grow with you guys as you grow with me! That sounds so cute!! hehe

LoveLoveLove, Jenna!

My MASCARA Secret!!

Ok, So I learned this trick to applying mascara years ago at the Sephora in NYC. Also, a little tid bit that many folks don't realize is that every Sephora everywhere gives FREE makeovers!!! All you have to do is ask one of the associates walking around the store! And if they're busy, they'll use their fancy walkie talkies and find one of their coworkers to assist you! It's super fun and you leave the store looking even more glamorous than when you walked in! Also, no purchases are necessary!

Back to the mascara technique secret... CLICK HERE to see the live tutorial!

Step 1: Holding wand with smaller end pointing towards the inner corner of your eye, apply mascara at base of top lashes, creating a 'foundation'.

Step 2: Apply mascara to tips of lashes, adding length.

Step 3 (Here's the TRICK!): Apply mascara to *other side* of lashes & curl wand out. This adds sooo much volume to your lashes, it's amazing!! Repeat if necessary or desired.

Step 4: Hold wand slightly vertical & brush lashes from inside to outside, gently directing them to the direction you want.

Step 5: Repeat for bottom lashes, if desired, but with a little less application as to not over do it!

Let me know if you saw as huge of a difference as I did!!

Lash Love, Jenna

WINNERS of 1,000 Subs Contest!!!

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Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this giveaway!! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you and feel blessed to have you all as part of my YouTube family!

The winners are....:




Please personal message me with your info!!

<3 Jenna


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**IMPORTANT: There are THREE (3) ways of entering this contest with 3 separate prizes for each. PLEASE WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO FOR ALL THE DETAILS/RULES**

YouTube Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-COMMENT once on this video your favorite piece(s) from each featured Etsy shop:

Prizes= 1 surprise necklace from each shop with complimentary earrings ($50 value)

Blog Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-COMMENT once below contest blog entry about your least favorite season. BLOG:

Prizes= GMS Beauty Pack ($20 value)

Twitter Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-TWEET ME @JennaRae17 saying congrats & whatever else is on your mind! TWITTER:

Prizes= Makeup Mix bag ($25 value)

**CONTEST ENDS June 6th, 2011 at midnight (EST). (2 weeks from today so GO!)

OTHER Channel:

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Rachelle, Nikki, & Penny from Etsy's RachelleD & Untamed Menagerie Shops for donating your amazing creations to this contest!!


CLICK HERE to see my step-by-step video for this trick!

After years of trying out different eyeliner brands, types, techniques, and so on... I found that this works best!! Without breaking your bank account on wicked expensive eyeliners, definitely use this trick.

The types of eye liner I've tried are: Crayon, pencil, liquid, and cream. Crayon & pencil smudge way too easily-even if they say 'waterproof', & liquid is iffy in hot weather. What I found with cream eyeliner is that it dries into a stronger, more stay-put material, like a paste & does not smudge (unless you purposely rub your eyes..of course!).

Brands such as L'Oreal HiP, Smashbox, Clinique, etc. all have cream eyeliner in their collections but the one I've tried and love is from the e.l.f. Studio line (EyesLipsFace).

They have soo many colors, are a great price, and a reputable company. They also come with their own application brush (I use this to apply it & it's wonderful!) and a lot of product!

Be sure to watch the video for a more detailed instruction!! Here's the final look!
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