Urban Decay Eyes!

Happy almost Friday!! Have you seen my new tutorial on youtube featuring three URBAN DECAY eyeshadows? If not watch it here! . This tutorial was requested by one of my faithful subscribers who saw my makeup collection & was particularly interested in this set of eyeshadows.
The colors featured are:
These colors, as you can see, go very well together! Hope you enjoy my tutorial of how to mix them together on one eyelid! Keep those suggestions coming!

Love & Urban Decayness, Jenna

Eyebrows: A Beauty Essential

Here's the latest upload from my youtube channel~an eyebrow requested tutorial! I support & fully encourage people to keep their brows as natural as possible!! Just edit/enhance your natural shape to really give your face its best overall look. Eyesbrows are the main focus that shape your face and without them we look funny! So, don't over-tweeze ladies & gents!!
Here's the tools I use & the ones you will need:
Maybelline Define-a-Brow Pencil (mine's Dark Brown)
Maybelline Define-a-Brow Gel
Maybelline Ultra-Brow Brush On Color (mine's Dark Brown again)
Tweezers (I use e.l.f. Professional for $1!)
Eyebrow Scissors (you can find these at any drugstore or Walmart, Target, etc.)
Eyebrow Razors (you can find these at any drugstore or Walmart, Target, etc.)

This is an example of my ideal eyebrows & some others I feel have beautiful naturally enhanced brows!
My favorite beautifully browed angel Miranda Kerr
Dakota Fanning embraces her naturally thick & tamed tresses
Kiera Knightly's are similar just a darker shade & just as lovely
& who could forget Megan Fox's signature arched power brows

Beautiful Brows everywhere, Jenna
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