Camo/Hunting Season Nails

12.01.2011 |

It's not too late!! Fall is still here for 20 more days & hunting season is at it's prime!

I know I have been lacking in the blog department for a couple months, but being sick & not able to film without hacking a lung the entire time has given me inspiration to get back at it!

Follow these simple steps to create unique Fall/Nature nails:

WATCH the live tutorial here: CLICK ME!

Step 1: Choose 4 colors (or more if you wish). Optional: Add a fun accent color!
My 1st color is a light mint green with an accent color of hunter's orange

Step 2: Use your second color to start making random shapes on your nails & filling them in. *Random* is the key word here. That's what camo is all about, blending in!
Second color is a dark forest green
Step 3: Repeat step 2 with the rest of your color choices, being sure to purposely overlap randomly with the other shapes you've applied.

Third color is a medium taupe brown

Step 4: If you chose an accent color, feel free to be creative here & apply it anywhere, on any nail.
Final Product! Fourth color is basic black, accent color on  ring finger & pinky tip

Step 5: Make sure you let all the layered colors dry completely & apply a clear top coat to seal in the look. Enjoy!


Camo iPhone 4 Case said...

Thanks for your post and pics showing off your camo style. I love hunting and would do the same thing if I had a blog!

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