My MASCARA Secret!!

Ok, So I learned this trick to applying mascara years ago at the Sephora in NYC. Also, a little tid bit that many folks don't realize is that every Sephora everywhere gives FREE makeovers!!! All you have to do is ask one of the associates walking around the store! And if they're busy, they'll use their fancy walkie talkies and find one of their coworkers to assist you! It's super fun and you leave the store looking even more glamorous than when you walked in! Also, no purchases are necessary!

Back to the mascara technique secret... CLICK HERE to see the live tutorial!

Step 1: Holding wand with smaller end pointing towards the inner corner of your eye, apply mascara at base of top lashes, creating a 'foundation'.

Step 2: Apply mascara to tips of lashes, adding length.

Step 3 (Here's the TRICK!): Apply mascara to *other side* of lashes & curl wand out. This adds sooo much volume to your lashes, it's amazing!! Repeat if necessary or desired.

Step 4: Hold wand slightly vertical & brush lashes from inside to outside, gently directing them to the direction you want.

Step 5: Repeat for bottom lashes, if desired, but with a little less application as to not over do it!

Let me know if you saw as huge of a difference as I did!!

Lash Love, Jenna


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