I Made YouTube PARTNER!!! Help?!

6.28.2011 |
Hi All!!

As most of you may know by now since you follow me on YouTube, I applied and got accepted into the YouTube partnership program and am beyond ecstatic about it!!! I started on YouTube a little over a year ago and it finally feels like all my hard work and dedication has paid off.

Thank you to all my loyal subscribers; you all mean so much to me and are the reason I do this. This is not 'just a hobby' for me.. I love hearing all the feedback from you guys and knowing that I've helped you in some way or made a difference in your life.

It still feels crazy that I inspire you, because you are the ones who inspire me! It takes lots of work to make a video (whether it seems it or not) haha, but I still love it every time.

So this is basically a thank you to all of you for continuing to be kind and supportive of me and this journey. I hope to keep doing this for a while and to grow with you guys as you grow with me! That sounds so cute!! hehe

LoveLoveLove, Jenna!


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