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**IMPORTANT: There are THREE (3) ways of entering this contest with 3 separate prizes for each. PLEASE WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO FOR ALL THE DETAILS/RULES**

YouTube Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-COMMENT once on this video your favorite piece(s) from each featured Etsy shop:

Prizes= 1 surprise necklace from each shop with complimentary earrings ($50 value)

Blog Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-COMMENT once below contest blog entry about your least favorite season. BLOG: http://jennaxrae17.blogspot.com/

Prizes= GMS Beauty Pack ($20 value)

Twitter Entry:
-18+ or Parental Permission
-Open Internationally
-TWEET ME @JennaRae17 saying congrats & whatever else is on your mind! TWITTER: http://twitter.com/JennaRae17

Prizes= Makeup Mix bag ($25 value)

**CONTEST ENDS June 6th, 2011 at midnight (EST). (2 weeks from today so GO!)

OTHER Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/myJennaLIFE

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Rachelle, Nikki, & Penny from Etsy's RachelleD & Untamed Menagerie Shops for donating your amazing creations to this contest!!


Ashley Borysewich said...

thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats! my least favorite season is fall!


Alistyles. said...

What a great giveaway!
My least favourite is surprisingly summer! I love being cuddled up in warm cosy scaffs in winter


Nee717 said...

my least favorite season is WINTER i hate being cold

daisyrose1696 said...

I do not like spring because i get horrible allergies and i Always get sick! Also i love the sun and there is rarely ever any sun in spring. There is soo much rain! Where i live it has rained for, literally, the past three days almost non-stop. I can not wait for summer to finally arrive! No more random rainstorms and no more school haha Thanks for the giveaway!
oh and my youtube username is daisiesandroses1696

jomana said...

I don't like autumn i feel so depressed :(

arcane said...

Hey! First of all congrats!!!! :)
My least fav season is summer. It gets very hot here.And the sun is so harsh. I end up looking 10x times darker by the end of summer no matter how much precautions I take and am always sweating. I can't even begin to describe how terrible summer is here.

My Twitter! said...

My least favourite season is winter because its so cold and i move so slow! I hate when my feet and hand are cold because my hands take ages to do things! I also hate when im trying to sleep and im just so cold so i put on more clothes then i get too hot! and take it off and im freezing! its so stressful!

lora said...

my least favorite season is summer the hot weather just suxs :0)

Sierra C said...

My least favorite season is surprisingly Spring. I just really do not like the transition between winter and summer with the snow melting and all the mud and the rivers overflowing. Yes, the flowers and birds are nice, but I just like things better when they're already there and not transitioning. (Probably because I hate moving so much!)
Thanks for the giveaway!!(:

simonettagregorio said...

Congratsssss !I love so much summer time!
thank you for this giveaway ;)

TodayOnTheBus said...
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Lisa N. said...

Congrats on 1000 subbies!! I'm so happy and excited for you :) My least favourite season has to be the summer! I hate the really hot weather since I can't stand sweating and summer is the time in which I sweat ALOT! Thank you for the giveaay girl and best of luck to everyone!

michelle said...

Congrats on 1,000 subscribers!!!! My least favorite season is a tie between winter and summern! I loveeeeee fall and spring! winter is wayyy to cold up here in michigan and summer is way to hot!

Arisa said...

Hi [:
Congratulations on your 1,000 subscribers! My least favorite season would have to be winter. Is just waay to cold for me where I live. My skin gets so dry and horrible.

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