So far I have 2 tattoos... Most people probably think I have none because they are so well hidden! I got my first when I was 22. It's a small customized star on my inner left ankle. It's meaning is that I've always loved stars since I can remember & I used to dance; so having a star on my ankle will always remind me of that. Also, listen to the song 'Star' by Bryan Adams & it will be self explanatory. 

My second I just got at the beginning of March and I'm 24. It is text that says 'je dis que c'est l'amour' which translates from French to 'i say it's love' in English and also has a subscript heart that I drew; it is located on my upper left ribcage. The words were inspired by the song 'Love' by Sugarland. It should also be self explanatory after listening to it but it basically explains how I view life. Love is the most important thing to me in all things in life and without it we would be worth nothing and feel nothing. I've just always based my life off is all we need..all we need is LOVE! :)
I would like to get a third tattoo and be done, simply because I have one more spot that I want one & I also prefer odd numbers to even numbers. I have to think about what I want first though. All of my tattoos have deep personal meaning & were well though out before I got them. I can't even fully describe their full meaning in words here but I know inside & that's all that matters. 

Tattoo Stories...& LOVE, Jenna


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