FIRST of all folks... I have been THE biggest slacker with my blog & I am SO sorry!!

I don't really even have a good excuse except that  have been looking for a new job, helping my boyfriend with his final semester at college, & also started a new youtube channel, a twitter, and a dailybooth. Woooo!!

Please go check those out & follow/subscribe pretty please! :)

My new youtube channel (myJennaLIFE) is just what the name says...a personal video diary/log of my life! Click here to see the intro video to that channel-it will tell you everything you need/want to know! You will see a whole different side of me that you may or may not want to see on this channel haha

Now, if you regularly follow my main youtube channel (jennaxrae17), then you've already seen the video discussing my new channel & new hair. If not, here's a few pics!

If you have any comments/questions regarding my hair or new channel leave me a comment below please!! & yayyy for being back on here!

<3 you Jenna!


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