YES it can be done! & with class & style to boot! The trick to pulling off things like shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. in Fall or any time there's colder weather in your area is to remember some simple rules:
Make sure your not showing skin everywhere! For example, if you plan on showing some leg, keep the girls under wraps! If you wanna show off some chest, cover your leggies!
Also, choose thicker fabrics such as tweed and fleece to keep warm & pair with some great boots but still look fierce!

This is a fun way to keep those Summer clothes around a bit longer & really get people talking! (in a good way)!!
Here's a preview of the look in my video...
& don't forget to splurge on a great pair of tall boots!!
These were only $29.99 from Forever 21!!

Shorts, Dresses, & Skirts live on...<3 Jenna


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