To Buy or Not to Buy?

8.30.2010 |
As some of you may know from watching my What's Goin On?!  video about a month ago, I am without a personal computer of my own at the moment. Mine crashed and I have been stuck using my dad's little laptop to edit and post videos. I have been saving up all summer with the plans of buying a new laptop (I've never had one before!) around or before Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving ;P). 

I've asked many friends what they suggest and I get different answers from everyone; so I decided to ask all of you! What are great laptops to get??!! I do a lot of picture/video editing, have some music, and want something very reliable. I have heard amazing things about Macs, but never owned one. I am interested in the MacBook Pro

But! (there's always a 'but'..) They cost sooo much that it better last me the rest of my doggone life!! Any feedback please?! & Thank you!


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