To Buy or Not to Buy?

8.30.2010 | | 0 comments
As some of you may know from watching my What's Goin On?!  video about a month ago, I am without a personal computer of my own at the moment. Mine crashed and I have been stuck using my dad's little laptop to edit and post videos. I have been saving up all summer with the plans of buying a new laptop (I've never had one before!) around or before Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving ;P). 

I've asked many friends what they suggest and I get different answers from everyone; so I decided to ask all of you! What are great laptops to get??!! I do a lot of picture/video editing, have some music, and want something very reliable. I have heard amazing things about Macs, but never owned one. I am interested in the MacBook Pro

But! (there's always a 'but'..) They cost sooo much that it better last me the rest of my doggone life!! Any feedback please?! & Thank you!

My 1st BLOG Post ever!!!

8.29.2010 | | 0 comments
Hello my loves!! Welcome to my brand spankin' new blogspot! I'm so super excited about this & can't wait to get started. 

First of all, THANKYOU for visiting & I do hope you choose to follow me. I may not have the most interesting life ever but I'll let you in to my life & hope you enjoy the ride! More personal things will be posted here compared to my youtube; but I will integrate the two quite a bit! I will post more personal pictures up here from my entire life & also give more details featured on my main youtube channel!
My primary inspiration for this blog is Kandee Johnson. She is by far my most favorite youtuber, guru, blogger, person ever! She is such a great role model for anyone-boy or girl-of any age! Some of her posts have changed my life (literally)! She has the ability to turn my day around just by reading her happy & always inspiring blog posts. She is so genuine and just a great person all around. I can only pray that any of my future posts will touch, help, inspire, etc. any of you beautiful people out there just as Kandee has done for me! If you have never heard of her you can find her at these lovely places!:

She has more but these are her two main channels!

Thank you again for joining me on the beginning of this new adventure in my life!

Love you ALL, Jenna!
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